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Whether it is for practice or just for fun, finding free casino games isn’t difficult to do.  There’s a lot of companies setting up shop across the net from Facebook to free casino games websites and players are getting the chance to try before they buy so to speak.  New games come out about once every two weeks depending on the casinos and the software providers.  Some of the free casino websites may even call some games new if they are simply new to their website.  However, other sites that offer free casino games like   http://freecasino.me/ have only the newest games available as they hit the market directly from the software developers.

bubbacasinoThese games cover everything in the casino which includes, roulette, table card games like blackjack and red dog and of course the other staple games of the casinos such as craps and so much more.  One of the favorites of most players are the slot games.  Slot machines which are found at the land based casinos are now very similar to the slot games which are found online.  There’s virtually no difference in the graphics that can be found at either nor in the actual gameplay.

Whatever the reason someone wants to play free casino games, there’s definitely a lot of choices on the net and in almost every language.  Most online casino software now supports over 16 languages.  Even where online gambling is not yet legal, the language can still be supported.  China for instance, does not allow gambling except in a few select provinces, however, many of the games have been developed by Chinese software programmers and include the language.

There’s also a lot of good sense involved in find the games that pay out better than the others.  Players can even find which games they are the most lucky at and play for free before they ever put down a real wager.  These websites also offer a great chance for players to select the casino that they want to join because not every casino has the same arrangement of games nor does every casino carry the same software.  Some of the bigger names in the software casino industry are Microgaming, Playtech and NetGames.  There are several other popular game designers but only a few have become popular names that are actually remembered by players.

Finding Free Casino Games

Casino Games from UKLadbrokes is another great casino that offers free casino games, check out how well they are doing this year:

Ladbrokes, the internet based and land based gambling operator that is located in the United Kingdom has revealed its financial report for last year. This report indicated a positive growth which was a direct result to the great growth in Ladbrokes’ retail operations. Another interesting fact in the report of 2012 is that the revenue from the digital operations increased but the profit from the digital operations decreased by 39.3%. It reached 31.8 million pounds after scoring 52.4 million pounds last year.

Other highlights of the annual financial reports include:

-The net revenue of the group increased by 7.4% to reach 1,053 million pounds and the operating profit for the group also increased. The operating profit witnessed an 8% increase and reached 206.1 million pounds. As for the net debt, it decreased by 67 million pounds reaching 386.9 million pounds.

As mentioned, the main reason for the great growth is the growth of the retail sales, especially sports wagering. This included:

– An increase in the operating profit of the UK Retail market by 18.6% to reach 180.7 million pounds as well as an increase of 3.8 percent in the net revenue of the UK Retail OTC

– The net revenue from the machines increased by 13.9 percent

–  The operating profit in the European Retail market increased by more than fifty percent

Regarding this section, Ladbrokes is intending to introduce a new generation of machines in the last quarter of this year as well as opening one-hundred net new shops in the UK throughout the year.

casino softwareLadbrokes has announced that the operating profit from its digital section was very weak, despite that, the company stated that it believes that the group is on the right track. This belief resulted from the increase in the net revenue of the digital operations by nine percent. Ladbrokes is also fortifying its digital operations as it plans to release a brand new sportsbook website to its customers in the UK in the early months of 2013.  Lastly, the mobile gaming platform is also proving to be a huge success with a 93.6% increase in 2012.

The chief executive of Ladbrokes has stated that the development in the digital section is progressing and that the company’s investment in trading systems is generating great earnings.

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