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Gambling Tutorial


Here are some of the most commonly used terms in Poker and their meaning:

The Ante:  It is a minor but an obligatory bet that all poker players on a certain table will have to place before the hand is dealt. This ante will be a part of the initial pot of the game.

All-in:  It is when a poker player decides to raise by using all of the chips he has available on the table. For example, he had a good hand and he went “all-in”.

Bluffing: Bluffing is a verb, it is when a player who has a weak and probably a losing hand raises the stakes which forces other players to fold thinking that he has a winning hand.

The Flop: The flop is the first three cards that are placed on the table (in Hold’em Poker)

The turn: The fourth card that follows the flop (in Hold’em Poker).

The River: The fifth and the last card that follows the turn (in Hold’em Poker).

playpokeronlineFinally told us ClubWPT now has legal online poker for Americans. said ClubWPT is a poker website of high quality that offers players a poker website like no other. Some might wonder how does this website offer its services in the U.S while internet poker gambling is illegal in the United States. The answer is very simple, it is not a gambling website. It is a poker website that enables players to enjoy poker in a risk free and a buy-in free environment. They will not wager real money on the tables or to buy chips. Therefore, ClubWPT isn’t a gambling website. In order for a website to be a gambling website, it has to involve real money wagering where players wager their money in card games, tables games or games of luck in order to earn more money which is the whole idea behind gambling.

The race between states to legalize online poker and online gambling has been a very close race. The main states that are participating in this race are Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey. It seems that Nevada is leading the race despite the recent news from the online gambling scene in New Jersey. The legislature of the state of Nevada has met on Thursday in order to discuss the internet poker bill. This bill, if passed, is going to enable the governor of Nevada, Governor Brian Sandoval to work on expanding the customer base of the state of Nevada by making an entrance into interstate compacts.

The Assembly Judiciary Committee has made a unanimous decision to pass and amend that bill that would enable the state to move ahead with its online poker plans. This gives the state of Nevada a great head start in order to beat the other states, New Jersey and Delaware, in the race towards online gambling. After the vote of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, the bill will be subject to a vote by the entire Assembly and if it passes, it will go to a Full Senate vote. If it passes all of these votes, it will be presented on Governor Brian Sandoval’s desk so it can be signed into law.

gamblingonlinecasinoOne of the biggest revenue sources for the state of Nevada comes from the finances and the taxes that are generated by the casinos. This is why an intrastate agreement with other US states that have a regulated online gambling market would boost the economy and provide more revenue for the state in the form of tax revenues. There are many licensed gambling operators that are preparing themselves to offer their services in the intrastate market of Nevada. The only problem that could face these operators is the liquidity. This is because Nevada is state number 35 in term of population.

The competition and the race between Nevada and New Jersey is an obvious matter. Last month, the governor of NJ, Chris Christie has shown his primary approval of an internet gambling bill in NJ. This caused Sandoval to stress the lawmakers to work faster so they can get the bill signed within thirty days because it was crucial for Nevada to legalize it before other states do.