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Texas Holdem Poker

casinoonlineTexas Holdem Poker is without a doubt, one of the most commonly played poker versions these days. The game resembles 7-card stud poker to an extent. In this game, an ante is first placed then each player is dealt two cards. A round of wagering begins and then the dealer deals three cards facing up on the table (the flop) and another round of wagering begins. The dealer will then deal another card facing up on the table (the turn), another wagering round and then the last card will be dealt facing up on the table (the river). The final wagering round which is always the most aggressive will take place and then the showdown. Each player will show the best five cards from the ones he has and the 5 cards on the ground.

Texas Holdem Poker will continue to be one of the most popular games of all time.  Some consider this game to be the Chess of the card playing world.  So many guides exist that can help players to hone their skills at reading other players, making bets and just learning the basics of the game.  The advanced players can even find guides that will help them as new techniques are still being developed.  Of course, every technique can still be considered hit or miss as there’s still an element of luck involved.  However, that luck factor is greatly degraded by the professional level players because at that level it becomes more of a game of skill.  This was a long fought debate in the community and skill over luck when it comes to poker and Texas Holdem has been determined.  The game is not one of chance but one of skill. Someone playing the game based solely on chance has a very low percent of winning because a skilled player can knock out that players playing stakes and thus eliminate them from ever getting to the river where chance would most likely be involved.