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Card counting is thought to be only used in Blackjack which is false as the same mathematical methods that is used to count cards in Blackjack can be used in any card game including poker.

Poker Card counting is a way to calculate the chances of getting a card that will enable you to have a better hand. You will be able to input the data from the cards in your hand and the cards on the table in order to calculate the probabilities since the game uses one deck of 52 cards.

The question that remains is cornered with its effectiveness.  Although it can be helpful but it is not as effective as blackjack card counting. It may help you but it will not surely guarantee you the win.


What’s New in Poker?

videopokerNot much will ever change with the rules of poker, but new variations of the game are always added.  These variations come with their own rules and betting options.  One of the more recent variations of the game that has become very popular is a version that is basically speed poker.  Once your current game is ended, you are quickly switched to a new table.  This can be a very interesting and fast way to play, but it does remove the element of learning how the other players use their cards.  Each online casino is developing their own version of speed poker, so you will probably be able to find it at any online casino that you choose that already offers online poker.

The game can be very exciting and you can win a lot faster, but it can also eat into your bankroll just as fast.   The game really relies more on knowing had to bet and knowing how to bluff with your bets.  Because most of the speed games don’t currently offer video chat during play, the bluff betting techniques become very important.