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Everyone knows that politics always provides the gambling community with wagering opportunities. This is because of the controversy that it holds. Speaking of which, the White House has issued 2 controversial announcements. The first announcement is that John Brennan will become the head of the CIA instead of David Petraeus. The other announcement is that Chuck Hagel from the Republican Party will be the Secretary of Defense during the second term of Obama instead of Leon Panetta. The uproar is caused because Chuck Hagel is known for his anti-Israel position and his refusal to any military action involving the US and Israel against Iran. He sees that it is better to bring Iran to the discussion table in order to avoid any wars. He has also known for his anti-gay point of views.

Chuck Hagel is going to be the first ever decorated military personal to become the Secretary of Defense. He is going to be the person responsible for the withdrawal of the US military forces from Afghanistan in two years, in 2015.

William Hill being the top notch gambling it is, provides players with betting opportunities on politics among other things. These wagering opportunities include international and national politics alike. For example, who is going to be the president of the US in 2016, who is going to win the elections of the United Kingdom in 2015 and more. There are also other betting opportunities such as betting on the first country that is going to leave the European Union.

More Recent News from the Online Gambling Sector

While New Jersey is progressing in the world of online gambling, the land based gambling is having some problems. The Revel AC, the New Jersey casino that the governor himself, Chris Christie, has backed and bet on in order to revive the economy of Atlantic City is planning to file for a prepackaged bankruptcy in order to reduce the debt by over one billion dollars. Also, certain lenders are going to provide debtor-in-possession financing that is worth 250 million dollars including 45 million dollars in new loans. According to a statement by Revel AC, no money that is acquired from taxpayers will be used for this restructuring process.


Revel AC is the 1st new casino in Atlantic City since 2003. It first opened its doors in April and it cost 2.6 billion dollars. The governor decided to back the casino after Morgan Stanley has abandoned the construction. He decided to support the casino in order to bring and attract high-end gamblers to the city. Due to Christie’s involvement and encouragement, the Economic Development Authority helped the casino to start its stalled construction by granting it 261 million dollars in tax incentives. Christie also signed a legislation at the construction site of Revel AC that created a tourism district in the city which resulted in easier regulations for the casino operators and boosted the marketing of the existing resorts.



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Sadly, Revel AC had a hard time attracting business.  The casino also suffered a great setback that resulted from Hurricane Sandy that forced it to shut its business for 5 days from October the 28th and adding to that, the rough competition that New Jersey provides. All of that caused the revenue from the gambling operations of the casino to decrease by eight percent to reach three billion dollars last year.

This did not come out of the blue as a research analyst who represents workers in the industry including hotel services, gaming services and food services stated that they have foreseen this and they have talked about it before. He also said that this might be the correct time to take a closer look at the situation, reassess it, and make the needed changes for the workers and the companies in Atlantic City.