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Seven Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud Poker was the most commonly played poker version before Texas Hold’em replaced it. This game allows up to eight players. In this game, players will place an ante and then each player will get two cards facing down, these cards are only known to the player who was dealt the cards.

pokerbonusThese cards are followed by four cards facing up, one card at a time and between each card, there is a betting round or an auction. These cards are called Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street and Sixth Street respectively. After these cards, another card is dealt to each player but it is facing down, it is called the Seventh Street. After the final wagering round, players show their best 5 cards out of the seven cards they have and the player with the best poker hand wins.

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Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey who has just passed an online gambling bill, is going to fight furiously for legalizing sports betting in the state of NJ. This has been confirmed on 2 different occasions this week where he said that he is committed to bring sports betting into his state.

In 2012, the state has succeeded in passing an intrastate measure that succeeded in challenging the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act of the federal government that prohibited sports wagering and only allowed it in 4 states in the USA. This measure was challenged in court by the Department of Justice of the United States and the National Sports Leagues. The ruling came in the favor of the Department of Justice and the Sports leagues as Michael Shipp, a federal judge, ruled against this new measure, which was discussed in a previous post.

casinopokerbonusIn response, the governor confirmed once again that the state of NJ is going to appeal the junction. The state is going to appeal it at the third US Circuit Court of Appeals and if that measure fails, it is going to take the matter to the Supreme Court of the US. Of course, this will take a lot of time and the governor acknowledges that. He stated that he estimates that this would take roughly a year for the case to reach the appeal court. Even then, he expected it to be a split decision and that they will need a hearing at the US Supreme Court. This means that the entire process would take as long as 2 years. These estimations were given by the governor since he was once a US Attorney.

So this means that at the present time, sports wagering is on hold in New Jersey. This promoted the NCAA to lift its ban that it issued in October of 2012 that bans holding athletic championships in New Jersey. The NCAA stated that it is willing to lift the ban but it will reinstate the ban whenever the governor decides to go ahead with his threats to appeal the decision of Judge Shipp. In response, Chris Christie said that he is not impressed and that he is going to appeal the decision despite of the NCAA threats.